Auckland Half Ironman

Auckland Half 011

A chilled out relaxed event with a 2km swim, 90km bike with a massive hill and a 21km run - just a walk in the park!

Maraetai is truly an amazing location for a triathlon and one of my favourite spots in Auckland to lie in ditches. It offers the beginner through to the pro a great challenge.

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Auckland Half 012 Auckland Half 028 Auckland Half 016 Auckland Half 015 Auckland Half 017 Auckland Half 003 Auckland Half 001 Auckland Half 018 Auckland Half 002Auckland Half 004 Auckland Half 019 Auckland Half 029 Auckland Half 030Auckland Half 005 Auckland Half 020 Auckland Half 031 Auckland Half 021 Auckland Half 032 Auckland Half 006 Auckland Half 035 Auckland Half 022 Auckland Half 007 Auckland Half 027 Auckland Half 009 Auckland Half 034 Auckland Half 008 Auckland Half 010 Auckland Half 023 Auckland Half 025 Auckland Half 024 Auckland Half 026

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