It's my job to make the client’s products, services, employees and facilities look commercially appealing and to present the company and it's brands in the best possible light. 

As a commercial photographer I am asked to photograph for advertising, promotion and documentation purposes. The subject matter varies from buildings, equipment, personnel and events. 

These days everyone is a photographer, but not many will take the time to understand your business so that they can work out what the image needs to achieve and deliver to your expectations and beyond.

I consider my strength to be able to quickly understand the objectives of my clients and how to use imagery to fulfil those needs. 

More recently this has lead to some clients hiring me to setup strategic plans around imagery incorporating brand development, social media and as a digital content specialist.

I believe that the strong skill base and experience I have in various genres of photography serve me well as a commercial photographer. 

Please visit my Testimonial Page to see comments from some of my clients.

Why Scottie T Photography?

Photography is my passion and I'm driven to delivering the best possible products to my clients. Please visit my testimonial page.

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